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ONE-ON-ONE with Adam Grant


Adam D.H. Grant is a shareholder of Grant | Shenon. His practice leverages his vast experience and expertise in complex business disputes, mobile app law, online and digital privacy, embezzlement issues, construction law and real estate matters. As a litigator he has successfully litigated in state as well as federal courts. His is known for his stamina and endurance, both literally and figuratively, as extreme sports athlete and an attorney with 30+ years’ experience. 

Grant | Shenon, as a firm, provides more than 100 years of combined legal experience representing clients across California in state and federal court to provide creative legal strategies other business law firms simply cannot. 

The firm prioritizes understanding clients’ objectives, whether financial or personal, to provide comprehensive, long-term solutions. Knowing that legal matters can be quite perplexing, Grant | Shenon offers clear explanations of all options, ensuring clients can move forward efficiently while minimizing financial and emotional burdens.

Grant | Shenon focuses the firm efforts in three main areas. These include Civil Litigation, Corporate and Transactional Matters, and Data Security and Privacy. The firm is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California.

With your unique areas of practice and experience, who is a typical client of yours?

My clients range from individuals to small/medium business. I handle matters involving their home or their businesses. Sometimes my clients are larger corporations with 100’s
of employees.

One of your practice areas is mobile app law. What is the biggest trend you are finding in this area that readers should know about? 

Digital privacy and data breach issues have become prolific in recent years. Most people hear about the large data breaches such as Nordstrom or Target. However, most data breaches occur to small- and medium-sized businesses. They also frequently occur when someone inadvertently clicks on an email or on a link in email. Breaches also occur when someone goes to a website and then downloads a program. 

As a bona fide Ironman athlete, how has your discipline for your sport translated to your law practice? 

As I prepare for an Ironman and when I race, I take each moment at a time and build on that moment. I don’t think about what it feels like to travel 140.6 miles in one day under my own power. I look to the next swim buoy or the next aid station on the course. If something happens during a race—and they do—I expect the hiccup and calmly adjust to achieve the goal. This method translates directly into my practice. I understand the big picture—winning the case—but I break the case down into steps to achieve what I need to do. If something happens in a case, at trial or in a deposition—and they always do—I calmly pivot and adjust just like in a race.

I understand the big picture…I break the case down into steps to achieve what I need to do. If something happens in a case, at trial or in a deposition—and they always do—I calmly pivot and adjust just like in a race.

We know about your impressive athletic endeavors. Would you mind sharing a little bit about yourself personally, and about how you got into law in the first place?

I have been married to my wife Joyce for 34 years, 42 years of being together as a couple. We have three daughters. I was born in Phoenix and moved to San Diego in 1980 after I finished high school. I attended and graduated from UC San Diego and then moved to Los Angeles. I graduated from Southwestern University School of Law, then started practicing in 1990. I worked at different firms primarily litigating complex business matters. In 2005 I started my own practice with 10 clients. In a year I had 100 clients and an associate. In 2007, I merged my practice with Lee Alpert and Gary Barr, forming Alpert, Barr & Grant. When Gary retired, we merged with Shenon Law Group and became Grant | Shenon. 

Adam D. H. Grant, Esq.

Shreholder / Attorney

Grant | Shenon, APC

(818) 827-5121

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