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Humanize Your Marketing

Interesting Reads. The Evolved Brand.

The Evolved Brand

Why and How to Build a Brand with Soul and Humanize Your Marketing

By Steven Morris

Steve Morris is an author, brand and culture advisor, and speaker based in San Diego, Calif. He works with business leaders to mine, articulate, and activate their driving belief system to create organizational integrity, evolved leaders, connected cultures, and unignorable brands.

His book The Evolved Brand—Why and How to Build a Brand with Soul and Humanize Your Marketing, explores how evolved brands are born from awakened leaders who realize that their business can do more than simply make a profit.

The book is written to give business leaders. regardless of company size or industry, the inspiration, insights, and tools needed to evolve their brand, business, and marketing to its full potential.

Steve is a successful serial entrepreneur and currently leads his brand, culture, and business consultancy Matter Consulting. 

The Evolved Brand is available at

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